V – Belt

Vpoly_v_beltselts are widely used on high speed and high torque drives on light, heavy industrial and automotive machines. The Vee belts that are manufactured are incorporated with the latest art of technology and compiling all the IS : 2494 standards. These belts have exceptional length stability, have a great shock absorbing capacity and drive uniformity. The range of V Belts has different sections namely A, B, C, D and E. 

V Belt Features :

  • Made from high performance polymers.
  • High tenacity polyester cable cords.
  • Unique process of heat stretching &, length stabilizing.
  • Precision Builtit - no matching required.
  • One shot tensioning.

Types of Belts :

  • Industrial Belts
  • Agricultural Belts
  • Automotive Belts
  • Lawn and garden Belts